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Founded with excellence in mind, our chocolate company will delight your taste buds and melt your heart.

Is there anything better than chocolate? While there are many desserts that are delectable and sweet, time and time again, chocolate is something that people want for a treat, for a gift, or just as a way to tell someone you are thinking of them. Getting quality, well-made chocolates is not always easy, but when you work with our chocolate company here at Moon Angel Sweets, you will get flavorful, delicate chocolates that will be so good, you’ll want to get some for yourself every time you get some as a gift!

Chocolate Company

Our chocolate company is focused on giving our chocolates a unique flavor profile while never skimping on quality. We specialize in chocolate artwork, including brigadeiros, which are a Brazilian type of truffle. Made with simple ingredients, the treats made by our chocolate company convey our intent of delivering the best in quality and flavor, always focusing on methods of creation that bring out the best in our chocolates. We have lovely flavors that are fruity such as raspberry and passionfruit, as well as tart flavors like lemon, nutty flavors with almond and pistachio, and chocolate flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee and more. Whatever flavor or flavors you choose, you will end up with a delicate, sweet, delicious flavor profile you will want to enjoy again and again!

When working with our chocolate company, you will notice our great attention to detail. Not only do we focus our attention on our chocolates, but we want our chocolates to have a great presentation as well. Our boxes are hand-packed, wrapped with personalized ribbons and wax logos. We even provide personalized notes in all our gift boxes. If you would like to learn more about our chocolates or our chocolate company, please contact us today.