The Essence of Indulgence

Delve into our diverse array of Brigadeiro flavors, each crafted to perfection and sure to delight the senses.

Dark Chocolate with Sprinkles

Rich and creamy, made with 100% Belgian
Cacao and topped with fine chocolate sprinkles

Dark Chocolate With Curls

Rich and creamy, made with 100% Belgian chocolate
and topped with crunchy chocolate curls

Milk Chocolate with Square Sprinkles

Melt-in-your-mouth delicious, made with
100% Belgian Cacao and topped with beautiful brown square sprinkles.

Happy Together

Rich dark chocolate and creamy white chocolate, together at last, topped with organic cane sugar.


Zesty lemon flavored truffle topped with Belgian white chocolate curls.


Sweet and exotic coconut-flavored brigadeiro topped with delicious coconut flakes.

Passion Fruit with White & Dark Curls

Tangy and exotic brigadeiro topped with Belgian chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

Crunchy and punchy, for the real dark chocolate enthusiasts.

Café with square sprinkles

Creamy and bold, a coffee-flavored brigadeiro topped with coffee sprinkles.

Dark Chocolate with Marigold-infused sugar

Exotic and inviting, with a tangy orange kick, made with 100% Belgian cacao and topped with organic sugar infused with citrus flavors.

Dark Chocolate with Scarlet Flakes

Creamy and rich dark chocolate made from 100% Belgian cacoa and topped with eye-catching deep metallic-red dark chocolate flakes.

Strawberry with White Chocolate Curls

Sweet and creamy strawberry-infused brigadeiro topped with 100% Belgian pink-white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Delightfully balanced dark chocolate, made with 100% Belgian cacao, and raspberry infusion. Topped with a tangy raspberry sugar.

White Chocolate with White Chocolate Curls

Rich white chocolate made from 100% Belgian chocolate and topped with playful, crunchy white chocolate pearls.

Milk with Milk, Dark and White Pearls

Rich and creamy milk chocholate brigadeiro made with 100% Belgian cacao, topped with tiny crunch biscuit pearls coated in dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Creamy Lavendar

Creamy brigadeiro with a delightful balance of sweetness and aromatic lavender, topped with sweet organic sugar and a hint of lavender.