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Our specialty chocolates have unique flavors and a soft, delicate center that you’ll love.

When you are looking for a way to show appreciation, a gift that you can enjoy or a thoughtful way of telling someone that you are thinking of them, specialty chocolates are always a great option. Chocolates are almost universally loved and appreciated, and specialty chocolates in boxes of all sizes are a great choice. Here at Moon Angel Sweets, we have a variety of handcrafted specialty chocolates that you can choose for your next night out or gift occasion.

Specialty Chocolates

Finding the right options for your specialty chocolates can be an enjoyable process for you. With specialty flavors that vary by season along with flavors that include milk and dark chocolate, pistachio, lemon, almond, coconut, coffee, passionfruit, raspberry and more, you can choose a perfect selection of specialty chocolates. Whether you are selecting your chocolates for yourself or for someone else, we can aid you in finding the best assortment for your needs.

We are best known for our specialty chocolates known as brigadeiros, which are a Brazilian type of truffle or bon bon. Made with simple, quality ingredients, you will be amazed by the bold flavors and melt in your mouth abilities of our specialty chocolates.

If you are looking for specialty chocolates for corporate gift options, gifts, or to enjoy on your own, our shop would love to assist you in selecting from our assortment of wonderful Brigadeiros. For more information about our flavors, boxes, sampler sizes and more, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you!