Who We Are

Daniela Waterhouse, Owner Moon Angel Sweets

Originally from the beautiful Northeast of Brazil, our founder Daniela created Moon Angel Sweets to bring the delicious tastes and culture of her home country to the United States. Trained as a lawyer and holding a business degree, she spent years living in Paris and Boston, before settling in North Carolina in 2009. Inspiration came when she was working in the fine portraiture business and had a hard time finding beautiful and unique corporate gifts for her clients and partners. Since 2021, Moon Angel Sweets has created one-of-a-kind giftboxes featuring our delicious chocolate and fruit-flavored Brazilian truffles, known as brigadeiros, as well as unique art and artwork.As she built the business, Daniela saw an opportunity to make a real impact through Moon Angel Sweet’s social mission and commitment to giving back. Through our partnership with GiGi’s Playhouse, we provide dignified work opportunities for adults with Down syndrome, who play a huge role in the production and packaging of our brigadeiros. At the same time, we support the local artists and sustainable businesses of Northeastern Brazil, including communities of rural women who keep alive time-honored embroidery techniques, by creating a market for their unique and special products. Finally, we are proud to support a range local non-profit organizations in our area by contributing 5% of all web-based sales to select partners.