What are brigadeiros?

Brigadeiros are Brazil’s favorite sweet treat. About the size of a large marble, they are made of cream, milk, and fine cacao, forming a delicious rich fudge that melts in your mouth. Each is topped with sprinkles, sugar, or chocolate curls.

What flavors do you offer?

Our most popular flavors include Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee, and Dark & White Chocolate. We also offer fruit flavors like Raspberry and Passion Fruit, as well as seasonal specialties—like Egg Nog and Peppermint in December!

What size gift boxes do you have?

Our brigadeiros make the perfect gift for chocolate and sweet lovers of all kinds! We offer gift boxes in a range of sizes, from 2 pieces to 30 pieces.

How do I order them?

Just head to our webpage, moonangelsweets.com, to place an order. We ship anywhere in the United States, or, if you’re local, you can pick them up in our Tasting Room in Morrisville, North Carolina.

What special events do you do?

Our Tasting Room in Morrisville, NC, is perfect for all kinds of events—birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, Girls Nights Out, corporate team building, and more! At our “Build Your Own Brigadeiro” events, you and your group will learn the brigadeiro story and try your hand rolling them and applying toppings, making a delicious and gooey mess! You can taste and experiment with different flavor combinations and make your own delicious delights to take home.

Do you cater?

YES! We are thrilled to bring our delicious chocolates to weddings and other events in the Research Triangle area.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

YES! If you would like to discuss wholesale opportunities, please contact Daniela directly: [email protected].


How to send orders to multple different addresses on our website.

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